For many of us, making the right food choices is a never ending battle. The daily grind of everyday life can leave you with little time or motivation to follow a healthy food regime. Its all too easy to grab something on the go, buy ready made meals or order in a take away. Many of the foods we buy contain many unhealthy preservatives, sugars, salt, saturated fats and have very little nutritional value. Without the essential nutrients our body requires, we end up feeling tired, stressed, unhealthy and with all the extra sugars, fats and calories these foods contain, we gain extra weight. Maybe you’ve tried various diets, watching your weight yo yo, or perhaps you find it difficult to make the required changes. The simple fact is that for a lot of us diets are simply a temporary solution. Many diets require you to restrict certain foods such as carbs or stick to a rigid plan for example, the cambridge diet. To successfully lose weight and KEEP it off requires you eat a more healthy balanced diet, one that you enjoy and that leaves you feeling satisfied.

Why most weight loss diets just don’t work.


Why do so many diets fail? Many weight loss diets require you to cut out certain foods, restrict your portion intake or are just too difficult or bland to maintain. You lose weight only to find it creeping back on over time and so the cycle begins again. People overeat for many reasons such as boredom, low self esteem, loneliness, because they’re anxious, depressed and countless other underlying emotional issues. Only by identifying the emotional triggers which cause you to overeat or sabotage your efforts will you be able to succeed in losing the weight and keeping it off.